Fastman Permissions Manager for Outlook tells you which of your email’s recipients can and can’t access the Content Suite links you are sending.



Do often you find yourself downloading and attaching Content Suite documents to emails?

Sharing documents by email from within OpenText Content Suite has always been hit and miss. Sending links to content is a best practise that is promoted by most organizations, but this this often results in issues when recipients do not have permission or are not able to access them. Troubleshooting this can be time consuming and costly for both you and your IT department. So, despite the risks, users often find themselves downloading and attaching files to emails just to ensure that recipients receive them.

Permissions Manager for Outlook
Permissions Manager for Outlook

So what’s the solution?

To overcome this we developed Fastman Permissions Manager for Outlook. Without leaving Outlook, Permissions Manager for Outlook instantly tells you which of your email’s recipients can and can’t access the Content Suite links you are sending. Simple as that!

Permissions Manager for Outlook provides a quick and intuitive way for you to ensure that recipients have access to all the Content Suite links you include within an email. With a single click inside Outlook it verifies that they have the appropriate Content Suite access permission to open the content you are sending. When triggered, Permissions Manager for Outlook displays a list of all the links contained in your email and identifies whether or not each person within the To: list, directly named or part of a group, is able to access that link. With this information you can make educated decisions as to whether you modify your recipient list or update content permissions within Content Suite itself.

Permissions Manager for Outlook also reduces the overhead on your already over burdened IT department. By validating links in advance common IT support queries relating to access restrictions, broken links and unreachable services can be avoided.

This simple approach give users the confidence to send secure links and removes the need for them to send physical attachments. By doing so, your users are able to comply with internal security policies and your business is able to eliminate the possibility of content being accidentally or maliciously shared with untrusted third parties.

Being a component of the Fastman Suite, Permissions Manager for Outlook is built around an open REST-based API that enables you to develop tailored functionality based around your specific business needs as part of wider permissions management solutions.

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If you find your Content Suite users sending attachments instead of links within their emails, then Permissions Manager for Outlook is a must-have for your organization. Contact us now and we can arrange a personalized demonstration for you.

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