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Our comprehensive, integrated toolkits enable you to get the absolute most out of your OpenText and SAP Extended ECM with minimal investment

Our comprehensive, integrated toolkits enable you to get the absolute most out of your OpenText and SAP Extended ECM with minimal investment

Failing to manage your information strategically will end in information corruption, loss, or leakage

If any of these sound like you, then we’re here to help.

  • You’re worried about the wrong people being able to access or modify your information
  • You’re frustrated that you can’t make bulk changes to your information security model without the need to write code
  • You’re concerned by the time it takes to support information access requests
  • You’re concerned that you won’t be able to change your information structures as your business and processes evolve
  • You’re worried that you are personally accountable for any failures your organization’s information security
  • You’re annoyed that you have to continually involve costly third party consultants

You deserve the right tools and knowledge to safely and effectively ensure the integrity of your information

As an OpenText Content Suite or SAP Extended ECM user, you want to maintain the integrity of your information in a safe and cost effective way. At Fastman, we provide the tools and expertise you require to safely and efficiently ensure the integrity of your data, enabling you to trust your information and use it with confidence, knowing that its integrity is readily and cost effectively maintained.

At Fastman, we understand your challenges

As an OpenText Gold Solution Extension partner and SAP PartnerEDGE Build Silver partner, Fastman works with numerous global organizations that are having problems managing the integrity of their content, metadata and other information.



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Discover our information integrity solutions

Permissions and access control

Manage your organization's information access controls and minimize the risk of security breaches.

Data Transformation

Automate document and metadata management activities without the risk and tedium associated with manual processes.

Digital Signatures

Streamline your digital approval and signature processes.

Technical Services

Maintain, operate, and
develop your platform with a robust and strategic operational plan.

Some of our customers

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It's time to trust your information…


1. Arrange a meeting

We will review your information handling processes and provide steps to ensure integrity.


2. Implement the change

We will provide concise recommendations that will ensure the integrity of your information.


3. Trust your content

With technology and processes in place, you can trust the integrity of your platform and the information within.

Fastman provides my favorite tools for managing Content Suite information integrity and security.

Permissions Manager helped us to put the responsibility and work where it belongs - back into the business and not within IT

Thanks to Permissions Manager we are now able to prove our compliance almost immediately whenever audits take place.

Laurie Gootee, SnoPUD
Robin Bakker, Manager Content Services at Alliander
Markos Dolopikos, Principle Officer BSTDB

Information security trends 2022

We surveyed the over 200 industry leaders to find out what information security challenges were keeping them up at night.

The information security trends white paper provides the results of this research and outlines the key steps your business needs to take in order to keep your information intact and secure.

  • Discover the impact of information security on the enterprise sector
  • Learn the most important business information protection mechanisms
  • Find out the the most significant data risks, and which are the most widely recognised and used information security standards
Information Security Trends 2022

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