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Manage your organisation's permissions and minimise the risk of security breaches

Fastman provides the tools and expertise you need to trust your OpenText Content Suite / SAP Extended ECM information

Managing permissions in an a safe and cost-effective manner is challenging


  • Frustrated you can’t safely make permissions changes in bulk.
  • Annoyed about relying on IT or a service desk to perform simple permissions tasks.
  • Concerned you’re not able to identify the extent of any permissions breach.
  • Afraid you don't have the means to effectively resolve permission anomalies if they occur.

An essential component to your implementation

If you are serious about managing security and access within your Content Suite or Extended ECM platform, Permissions Manager is an essential component to your implementation.

It provides critical capabilities that enable administrators and power-users to quickly identify, address, and avoid information leaks. Permissions Manager is the brains behind all sound internal information control solutions.

Comprehensive permissions management for OpenText
Minimise the risk of information security breaches

A detailed overview to quickly spot discrepancies

Security breaches are an unfortunate reality in the modern connected world. Whether that risk comes from external or internal sources, any weaknesses must be addressed quickly and with confidence.

Permissions Manager exposes often unseen and unrecognized information access risks. Its concise dashboards provide administrators and management with a detailed overview that outlines current access rights and flags unusual or anomalous permission settings.

Case study

Case Study: Black Sea Trade & Development Bank

The Black Sea Trade & Development Bank was struggling with their OpenText Content Server access permissions until Fastman came to the rescue.

Reduce the burden of permissions administration

Through its decentralized approach, Permissions Manager enables business users to retain control of their own data.

The simple and easy to use tools it provides enable individual users to view and take action on permissions, including applying approved access templates. Business teams no longer need to turn to IT or the service desk to perform basic tasks.

Permissions Manager also provides a comprehensive set of usage controls. From specific functions, down to individual users, it allows administrators to define exactly what can be done and by whom.

Display effective permissions for corporate secretary
Simplifying complex tasks

Manage complex information security structures

Permissions Manager makes the complex simple. The ability to view information on individual folders, across collections of content, or throughout the whole repository makes complex information security structures manageable.

Permissions Manager also provides permissions roll-back, search, and detailed audit logs that deliver a level of control far beyond those available in the standard Content Suite or Extended ECM.


Case Study: SCK•CEN

Learn how SCK•CEN, the Belgian Nuclear Research Center are utilizing Fastman Permissions Manager for Outlook optimize sharing of content through emails.

Off-the-shelf and operational within hours

Implementing Fastman Permissions Manager requires no professional services or supplementary development effort. It is fully supported, installs out-of-the-box, can be operational in hours, and is proven with organisations around the world.

Screen shot

It's time to trust your information…


1. Arrange a meeting

We will highlight potential information security threats enabling you to address them before they become a risk.


2. Take control

Implement a set of simple recommendations designed to ensure the security of your information.


3. Trust your content

Use your information with confidence knowing that it is managed in an effective and compliant manner.

Case Study

Case Study: GCdocs and the Government of Canada

In order to create the most robust and easy to use permissions management functionality within its standard document and records management solution, known as GCdocs, the government chose Fastman Permissions Manager.

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