Managed Moves and Updates in your OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM Environment

  • Manage moves of content from one or more places within Content Suite or Extended ECM to a new location
  • Update and quickly add additional metadata to your content
  • Eliminate manual processes, therefore human errors

Save time and eliminate the error-prone manual process

Fastman Bridge Connector allows you to complete operations such as data migration or move content from one or more locations in your Content Suite to another with either existing or updated metadata and permissions, with less effort and eliminating error-prone manual processes.

Data Migration / Move Content
Ensure Enhanced Quality Control

Quick access to your team’s assignment

An intuitive dashboard shows all running jobs, status, and quick access to your team’s assignments. This tracks the progress of the managed moves and guides the business analyst through the processing steps to ensure enhanced quality control.

Flexibility and increased collaboration

Managing multiple users with a large number of documents and folders can be difficult for organisations. Fastman Bridge Connector increases collaboration by allowing multiple business users to update and quickly add additional metadata to content. 

Easily move documents to new folder
Update categories and attributes

One tool, a multitude of opportunities

Fastman Bridge Connector enables users to move documents to new folders, adding / updating categories and attributes, file name changes, permission changes, and clean-up empty folders.

Leveraging Fastman’s powerful tools

The Fastman Bridge Connector leverages our Bulk Data Manager and Permissions Manager tools. Bulk Data Manager reduces the cost and complexity of migrations, while the Permissions Manager enables administrators and power-users to quickly identify, address, and avoid information leaks.

Built by Fastman
Launch BDM from Content Suite Workflow

Bulk Data Manager connection

Integration with the Bridge Connector allows you to launch Bulk Data Manager from any Content Suite workflow step to complete the task. This automatically displays saved searches and quickly updates the attributes for processing.

Permission Manager connection

The Bridge Connector allows you to launch Permissions Manager from the workflow step to complete the task. Permissions Manager displays the relevant Move content access rights and lets you  quickly make any changes.
Quickly edit the content access rights