Manage your organisation's information access controls and minimise the risk of security breaches

Fastman provides the tools and expertise you need to trust your OpenText Content Suite / SAP Extended ECM information.

Managing information access controls in a safe and cost-effective manner is challenging


  • Concerned about not being able to control access permissions
  • Frustrated you can’t safely make permissions changes in bulk
  • Annoyed about relying on IT or a service desk to perform simple permissions tasks
  • Frustrated because you can’t send emails with links knowing that the recipient can access them
  • Worried that you might receive an unexpected license payment demand
  • Concerned you’re not able to identify the extent of any permissions breach
  • Afraid you don't have the means to effectively resolve permission anomalies if they occur

The tools you need to safely and efficiently ensure the security of your information

Permissions Manager

A simple way to manage your organisation's access controls and minimise the risk of information security breaches.

Permissions Manager for Outlook

The fastest way to establish which of your email’s recipients can and can’t access the Content Suite links you are sending.

Access Manager

The most effective way to ensure licence compliance and data security for the OpenText Content Suite and SAP Extended ECM platforms.

The Content Suite / Extended ECM experts

As an OpenText Gold Solution Extension partner and SAP PartnerEDGE Build Silver partner, Fastman works with numerous global organizations that are having problems managing the integrity of their content, metadata and other information.

We are glad we used Fastman to implement this they are very professional and already knew the
area extremely well. The whole project went incredibly smoothly” said Pieter Jan, “Permissions
management and Fastman – they know that better than anyone!

Pieter Jan Hermans, Enterprise Content Management Analyst at SCK•CEN

It's time to trust your information…


1. Arrange a meeting

We will highlight potential information security threats enabling you to address them before they become a risk.


2. Implement the change

Implement a set of simple recommendations designed to ensure the security of your information.


3. Trust your content

Use your information with confidence knowing that it is managed in an effective and compliant manner.

Many Content Suite / SAP Extended ECM users have no dependable way to ensure the security of their information

As an OpenText Content Suite or SAP Extended ECM user, you want to maintain the integrity of your information in a safe and cost-effective way. At Fastman, we provide the tools and expertise that you need to manage your information access controls, so that you can trust your information and use it with confidence, knowing that its integrity is readily and cost-effectively maintained.