May 13, 2020 Alister Grigg

Using Proven Fastman Solutions in Today’s Business Climate – Fastman Live Webinar.

Fastman sees the exceptional effort that organisations are making to allow employees to collaborate and access their information resources, wherever they are located and through whatever internet connections they have available.

To support organisations during these shorter-term, business-critical projects we are offering our Permission Manager and Bulk Data Manager on a new subscription/project licensing model.

Why Attend?

In this webinar, Alister Grigg, CEO of Fastman will introduce the new licensing models and discuss best practices and approaches to  ensure  your information assets remain secure whilst working with Content Suite and Extended ECM in the current climate:

Migrating to the cloud – access your information anywhere you have an internet connection

Security access and control – ensure the right people have access to the content they need and quickly identify, address, and avoid information leaks

Operational performance – minimise network traffic to ensure responsive remote access even over low bandwidth connection

See first-hand how Fastman ensures the security of your information, increases compliance and reduces your operational costs.

Published by Alister Grigg May 13, 2020