Sep 12, 2022 Fastman

Self-service management of your cloud information

Cloud-based platforms such as OpenText’s Content Cloud are a rapidly growing solution to enterprise content management, enabling organizations to streamline their content-based workflows and get more done with less effort.

However, as service providers make the shift towards cloud-based products, some organizations are concerned that they no longer have access to the administrative functionality they were used to having, or need, for their business. Simplicity is the main selling point of the transition to the cloud, but for some businesses, what seems like an improvement may in fact prove to be its biggest drawback.

Making administrative updates in the cloud can be costly

After a transition to the OpenText Cloud or other hosted Extended ECM provider, one significant change is locked down administration capabilities. This means that logging into the backend server is no longer possible and access to the admin pages is denied. In a bid to make the product easier to use and less vulnerable to inexperienced users tampering with advanced settings, these capabilities have been removed or highly limited.

In addition when a change occurs, and you need to update administrative settings, you can no longer call on a local admin for help. You must often open a support ticket with your provider, a lengthy process which can take days or even weeks to process and likely incurs some sort of additional financial cost.

Being able to manage permissions across your business without the need for admin access is essential

At Fastman, we believe that being able to manage permissions across your business or make bulk changes to content without the need for admin access is crucial for every organization. Control over your digital information has never been more important, and that’s why our mission is to provide easy and powerful bulk data management with flexible permission management capabilities, no matter whether your use an on-premise or cloud-based platform.

To that end, Permissions Manager now includes support for Content Suite’s new Business Administrator functionality, and we have recently launched Bulk Data Manager CE to support cloud-based deployments. This means you can self-manage more of your organization’s permissions and content, whilst minimizing the risk of security breaches, without relying on your service provider’s system administrators.

Self-service saves costs and increases information security

In the event of an information security breach, action needs to be swift and decisive, ideally being managed by a source that is familiar with the content and can assess the potential impact immediately. Having to contact a provider’s system admin adds unnecessary steps to an already dangerous and time-sensitive situation.

By devolving general administration privileges within Content Suite, including applying approved access templates, your business users can administer their own sections of content without the need to get administrators involved. Not only that, but end-users can see permissions that have been given without having to raise support requests to get system admins to check access rights.

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Published by Fastman September 12, 2022