Jun 02, 2020 Fastman

[Press Release] – Fastman Introduces New Subscription Licensing

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif – Monday, 25th May 2020 – Fastman, a leading provider of information security and management services and solutions for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM, today announced a new subscription-based licensing model for their suite of solutions.

“Organisations are rapidly progressing their transition to digital,” says Alister Grigg, CEO of Fastman. “The international lockdown has presented numerous challenges, not least of which is how they allow employees to access corporate information securely whilst they are working remotely. To help with these short-term changes as well as longer-term planned migrations we are introducing a new subscription licensing programme for all of our products.”

The new subscription licenses cover Fastman’s Permission Manager, Bulk Data Manager and Digital Signature tools – all of which form a part of the Fastman Management Suite. The programme introduces quarterly and yearly subscription options to help organisations utilise their operational budget to solve immediate business needs. Current, as well as new Fastman customers, will be able to take advantage of these new subscriptions.

Fastman’s information security and management solutions, which ensure an organisation’s information assets remain safe and secure within OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM, have seen extended use during the recent move to home-working. Cybercriminal activity has peaked during the pandemic with no sign of slowing down, and organisations are prime targets for malicious intent. “With staff working from home, it is essential that they have easy access to the information they need for their job. However, if organisations are not careful, accidental or malicious information leaks are increasingly likely,” says Alister. “With workers using laptops and other devices outside of the physical security of an office, they are more open than ever. Now is the time to ensure that the right information is available to the right people, and only them.”

The subscription changes from Fastman are a lifeline that these organisations can use to stay secure. “An information leak can have detrimental consequences for a business at any time. However, during these times, that may well be fatal – no matter how large you are,” warns Alister.

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Established in 2006, Fastman designs and delivers high-value business and technical solutions that radically change the way organizations use OpenText™ Content Suite and Extended ECM. By tuning the core platform and aligning it with individual business needs, Fastman’s consultants and services increase user adoption, reduce the risk of information abuse and maximize the return on any OpenText investment.

Published by Fastman June 2, 2020