May 29, 2018 Fastman

Permissions Manager v10 Upgrade

Permissions Manager, the leading solution for access controls and permissions management for OpenText Content Suite, recently went through a significant upgrade. Following a successful preview programme with selected customers, the latest release, v10 introduces many changes that have been requested by users. So, I thought I would take a few minutes to highlight some of the more important ones and illustrate how they simplify the life of the average Content Suite user or administrator.

The biggest advance in this release of Permissions Manager is the extended support for the Content Suite SmartUI interface. As well as being able to view permissions through the Classic UI, Permissions Manager v10 now enables viewing of detailed permissions levels across hierarchies of folders and content items directly within the Smart UI interface. Users selecting to view permissions within the SmartUI will now be presented with a native interface through which they can browse and view effective and applied permission levels. In our testing, we found that end-users already working with the Smart UI preferred to stay within this interface when possible and not to have to jump between the old and new experiences.

Permissions Manager’s replace User/Group functionality allows you to select an individual item or heirarchy of content and then replace a specific User or Group with another. This has now been extended to support Permissions Manager Search results and also Content Suite Collections. This update provides increased flexibility for replacements – allowing users to target replacement of users/groups based on existing specific permissions, as well as use standard Content Suite search to locate items (e.g. by keyword, attribute etc) and place them into a Collection on which Permissions Manager can then be used.

Something that we introduced in a limited way a couple of releases ago was the “type ahead” functionality. This to simplifies the life of the average user by enabling them to type in the name of a user/group and then be presented with a list of matches. No longer do you have to guess and hope that you have the right person or group name. This capability was widely appreciated and has now been adopted throughout the whole Permissions Manager interface.

Finally, Content Suite administrators will be pleased to learn that Permissions Manager’s Rollback and Reporting features have been merged into the core Permissions Manager module. By only using one module rather than three, we hope we can simplify your deployment and maintenance requirements. As before, access to the Rollback and Reporting functionality is based on your unique license key.

If you are already using Permissions Manager we’d love to hear more about how you use and and what you want to see in future releases. We monitor our social channels continually, so please share you thoughts with us on LinkedIn or Twitter, we’d love to know what you’d like to see next.

Published by Fastman May 29, 2018