Jun 13, 2016 Alister Grigg

OpenText Content Suite administration can be a challenge, so we did something about it!

Ok, to be fair it’s not just OpenText that has this problem, pretty much all ECM systems have their quirks when it comes to systems administration. After many man-years of research and development, we are proud to introduce the new Fastman Management Suite. There’s too much to talk about in a single blog post, but since I’ve been asked many times in the past I’d like to take a few minutes to walk you through the story behind the suite.

Enterprise information management is like a winding road

So let’s talk about the elephant in the room. If you are an OpenText Content Suite administrator or you’re responsible for managing areas within your company’s Content Suite platform, then you will know some of the common challenges that you are faced with on a daily basis:

  • “Fred is leaving the company; please could you change ownership of all his content to Jo”
  • “Can you update the permissions on these documents so that this group of people can access them”
  • “That new regulation means we now need to keep these types of information for longer. Could you add and update the records management data for us”
  • “We’ve just received these documents from our supplier, can you get them added into the system in the correct folders”
  • “With the recent changes to this project we need to make sure that all the metadata is updated to reflect the latest data. Is that something you can do?”

Sound familiar? I’m sure you have been asked something like at least one of these questions before. And you will be pleased to know that you are not alone. That is why we created the management suite.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is like a winding road with many twists, turns and junctions along its path. Each business change requires minor adjustments to your Content Suite platform to ensure that is stays on course. Daily operational adjustments may only need small movements of the wheel, but over time reorganizations and updates to external regulations mean that larger changes need to be made.

Introducing the new Fastman Management Suite

In developing the Management Suite our goal was to provide the finesse required to nurture your Content Suite platform, ensuring that it remains at peak operational effectiveness. But also to deliver the power needed to enable Content Suite administrators like yourself to make strategic changes, coping with organizational change or the significant information restructuring that many precede upgrades to new versions such as OpenText Content Suite 16.

Already in use by organisations such as Melbourne Water and BP Australia, the Management Suite provides data migration tools that have helped them to create and optimise permission structures and reorganise information following a major platform migration.

At the other end of the spectrum SCK•CEN, Belgium’s nuclear research agency, are using the suite to help them reduce the routine requests they were getting from their Outlook users to change permissions and manage groups access control lists so that users were able to access documents that they were sharing via email.

In each of these cases, the immediacy and simplicity of the Management Suite has made the lives of their respective administers a whole load easies, and has made their end-users a lot more receptive to the overall Content Suite solution.

So, as we say, the Fastman Management Suite means you need less effort to deliver better results.

Published by Alister Grigg June 13, 2016