Feb 15, 2021 Fastman

New Fastman Digital Signature and Permission Manager releases

Digital processes just become more efficient and more secure. 

Modern companies suffer from a paper-problem – they encounter bottlenecks in the validation process and are less secure with more documents widely accessible. Fastman’s two new releases are set to tackle these challenges directly in the form of Fastman Digital Signature and Permission Manager. 

In today’s digital world, an ever-increasing number of businesses are going paperless, choosing to store critical data and documents in document management systems.  Despite this, many companies are still relying on paper to execute transactions. Contracts, purchase orders, regulatory filings, budget approvals, and offer letters are still widely paper-based due to the nature of the physical signature approval process. 

The increase of digital documents has also introduced another concern for businesses in terms of accessibility. While businesses want to enable access to files for key-stakeholders, they simultaneously create a new security breach. The more accessible a file is, the more likely sensitive information can wind up in the hands of unauthorised viewers. 

Today, we’d like to announce new releases of two solutions that can single-handedly assist companies with these challenges. Fastman Digital Signatures and Fastman Permission Manager are essential to businesses who want to optimise and take control over their data. 

Here are more details on each. 

Fastman Digital Signature 

What is it? 

The Fastman Digital Signature Connector works as integration with DocuSign Cloud as well as the DocuSign on-premise appliance. It enables you to quickly review, digitally sign and approve documents to eliminate paper-usage and streamline your document creation workflows. 

Fastman Digital Signature Connector works with any Extended ECM integration such as Salesforce and Microsoft applications and can operate within SAP and OpenText Content Suite. Simply select and digitally sign any document within your repository to gain a new, digitally signed version added to the original file and you’re done. It’s that simple to review, approve and validate work-orders, purchases, contracts, and more, completely remotely. In addition to this, the solution can also template boilerplate signing pages to include multiple signatures and roles. This can be automatically attached to the correct documents before being sent for final approval and sign-off. 

Fastman Digital Signature is an ideal solution for enterprises who use content management platforms or other document-intensive solutions such as SAP SuccessFactors. It streamlines administrative tasks to improve efficiency, security and minimise waste.  

What challenges does it address? 

Many businesses around the world continue to suffer from a paper problem. Even companies who have invested heavily in digital systems still rely on paper to execute certain contracts, transactions, and approval processes. As a result, these businesses end up having a disjointed operation and long delays with essential employees continuing to use paper or hybrid processes as a matter of business. 

In addition to this, the existing “work from home” mandate that has affected industries worldwide combined with the continued globalization of the workforce has called for a completely digital approach.  

Fastman Digital Signature works as an on-premise solution or as an integration with DocuSign Cloud. It enables businesses to streamline their processes and operations remotely or in the office with a faster way to do business than paper-based processes could ever achieve. 

What are the benefits? 

  • Streamlined approval processes 
  • Savings on paper and logistical processes 
  • Secure, cloud-based application 
  • Reduction in errors  
  • Requires minimal training 
  • Off the shelf and straight-forward application 

Use digital signature for: 

  • Contracts 
  • Purchase orders 
  • Supplier agreements 
  • Sales agreements 
  • Budget approvals 
  • Regulatory filings 
  • Comp plans 
  • Offer letters 
  • Non-disclosure agreements 
  • Account openings 

New features for Digital Signature 

Smart UI Workflow Capabilities 

Fastman Digital Signature enables you to sign documents directly from within your content applications, electronically. Through an action that appears after right-clicking any document within the Smart UI, you can initiate a signing workflow in one swift action.  The Fastman connector enables you to easily control business rules and signing capabilities for who is required when the signing is applicable, and which signing profile is available to the user on selected documents. 

Signature Status Widget 

A new signature status widget will now appear for documents that have been approved and signed off while notifying you of documents that still need to be signed. Now you can see exactly what needs to be done, and the status of all signing processes, with a single glance. 

Predefined DocuSign Template 

Fastman Digital Signature now supports DocuSign templates.  Users can select a predefined signing template from within a library or workspace, and use it to easily access, sign-off, and approve common documents and processes. Simply customize the fields you need to change, enter the details, and send it off for publication – all within your content management system.  

Fastman Permissions Manager 

What is it? 

Fastman Permissions Manager enables you to address and resolve access rights before they become a security risk. It provides analytics on user behaviour, document access, and more to help identify where security concerns may arise. Administrators can change the access permissions of users across their organisation, and instantly edit access to a document, folder, or hierarchy as needed on SAP, OpenText, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and all Extended ECM deployments. 

What challenges does it address? 

As the world increasingly becomes more reliant on digital operations, so does the need for vigorous control of information access. Unfortunately, the threat of security breaches often comes from within through unauthorised, internal access. 

Fastman Permissions Manager is recognised as the most effective toolset for organisations to establish and maintain control of their digital repositories and provide key stakeholders with an overview of the access and permissions their users possess. It enables administrators to provide and revoke access on a document-by-document basis across their organisation on multiple different deployments, regardless of location within the repository. This enables businesses to take control of their data and enhance their security. 

What are the new features? 

  • Supporting large numbers of related items  
    • Customers are increasingly dealing with access control requirements across many hundreds of thousands of related items  
    • Permissions Manager already supports collections  
    • Now added support for these large volumes of content inside collections  
  • Transport support for Permissions Templates  
    • Design, test, deploy across Dev/Test/Production  
    • Synchronize to permissions design and deployment  

What are the benefits? 

  • Boosts security and control 
  • Ensures compliance and minimises risks 
  • Reduced cost of change management – no IT experience required 
  • Optimises costs associated with smarter licence assignment 

Use Permissions Manager for: 

  • Access management 
  • Access audits 
  • Security risk assessment 
  • Flagging of unusual access rights 
  • Security monitoring 
  • Alleviating additional IT work 

Fastman solutions for a better business environment 

Fastman’s products all have one aspect in common – they create a better business environment for you to create more control, efficiency and productivity throughout your organisation. Access control and digital signatures are only two of the many solutions that are available. 

If you would like to find out more about Fastman Digital Signatures, Permissions Manager, or any of the variety of Fastman’s solutions, visit our official website. If you would like to see one of these solutions in action, contact us today for a guided demonstration of our products and services. 

Published by Fastman February 15, 2021