Jan 26, 2022 Fastman

Information Integrity in the Cloud for OpenText Content Suite Platform

Save the Date:Tuesday February 22nd @ 11AM ET / 8AM PT

As an OpenText Content Suite user, you want to maintain the integrity of your information in a safe and cost-effective way. This is even more important as you move to the cloud or invest in xECM integrations to achieve a single point of truth for your unstructured content across key business processes.

During this presentation, you’ll see and learn about: 

  • How to be successful as you pivot from classic ECM to process based models using business workspaces and xECM while maintaining the integrity of your information. 
  • Understand the differences of managing information on-prem vs in the cloud and the tools and methods available. 
  • How Fastman solutions are helping a public utility customer move to the cloud, simplify user onboarding, and complete a network file share migration using in-house resources. 
  • A highly regulated energy organization that uses Fastman solutions to enrich the metadata for improved searching and simplifying the existing CIS model resulting in greater user adoption and reduced administrative overhead required in managing access and permissions. 

At Fastman, we provide the tools and expertise you require to safely and efficiently achieve this and more, ensuring the integrity of your data, enabling you to trust your information and use it with confidence, and knowing that its integrity is readily and cost effectively maintained.

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Published by Fastman January 26, 2022