Jan 11, 2021 Fastman

Fastman Permissions Manager – Trends and New Features for Content Suite and Extended ECM

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There are many parts to security and access management in Content Suite that are very sophisticated. Yet, it is only getting more complicated notably via extended solutions integrating Content Suite Platform with leading solutions via the Extended ECM framework. Permissions Manager remains the only solution to address the issues of managing volume, system complexity, records management, implementation, and cloud certification at its core.

See best practices for:

  • Significantly simplifying the management of information access controls, reducing the risk of information leaks, and enabling sound internal information security controls.
  • Supporting large numbers of related items in collections and business workspaces.
  • Transport and synchronize permissions templates across your dev / test / prod lifecycle.
  • Create, save, and share templates of commonly used permissions so business users no longer need to turn to IT for basic tasks.
  • Ensuring that your corporate information security policies are applied, validated, and maintained.

Trust your data. Drive your data.

Since 2006, Fastman solutions have been ensuring the security and integrity of your enterprise information by increasing the trust your business has in its Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. We unlock new opportunities, driving more value from your data, and radically changing the way these systems are perceived and used within your business.

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Published by Fastman January 11, 2021