Jun 21, 2017 Fastman

Join Fastman at OpenText Enterprise World 2017 !

As Darwin once said – it is not the strongest of the species, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. Same applies to businesses. Today’s technologies are accelerating at an exponential rate, producing unprecedented change that is disrupting the traditional ways of doing business – while the old approach moved at the speed of human coders, the new one progresses at the speed of data, information and self-assembly.

And this is what this year’s OpenText Enterprise World will be all about – taking a peak at the technologies and companies that are forming the foundations of a digital future driven by insight.

Join us at our booth & we will help tune your Content Suite!

Fastman will once again be sponsoring the annual OpenText Enterprise World event in Toronto. Over the years, we’ve helped countless of clients maximize their existing Content Suite investment. Having heard the same story time after time we’ve learned that, no matter what their size or industry, all businesses need to tune their enterprise solutions to make sure they align with their business needs and processes. Let me ask you this – would you take a new car out of the showroom and onto a racing circuit and expect it to be immediately competitive? Or would you tune it to ensure minimum weight, increased stability and maximum speed?

For years organizations take industry-leading off-the-shelf enterprise software, such as OpenText Content Suite, and expect it to support their existing business processes with little or no tuning. Our mission is to help you realize your existing Content Suite investment and make sure that the enterprise software you purchased is well tuned for your business! Come by our booth and we can talk about how to make your Enterprise Content Management system operate seamlessly within your existing business and technical environment!

Industry-leading Information Management Solutions – The Fastman Management Suite

In addition to our innovative services, we will be showcasing our portfolio of Information Management products. The Fastman Management Suite is driven by demand for repeatable solutions to common ECM problems. Our suite of products, developed exclusively for Content Suite, enables you simplify data management, improve operational efficiency and implement better governance around your unstructured data.

If you want to learn more about our services and see demonstrations of our products, come visit us at Enterprise World’s Expo Hall!

Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto

Published by Fastman June 21, 2017