Feb 23, 2022 Fastman

Fastman Cloud Webinar

Recorded session and presentation

Tuesday February 22nd 2022

As an OpenText Content Suite user, you want to maintain the integrity of your information in a safe and cost-effective way. This is even more important as you move to the cloud or invest in Extended ECM integrations to achieve a single point of truth for your unstructured content across key business processes.

Thank you for attending this Fastman Live webinar co presented by Alister Grigg and Brian LaPointe.
This topic very relevant and very now in today's digital market.

We certainly appreciate you taking the time to attend and great questions for discussion regarding this topic and showcasing the tools and expertise to ensure the integrity of your information is readily and cost-effectively maintained.

To those whom were unable to attend, please be reassured, we have
attached the following links to the presentation and video for viewing at your earliest convenience.

Presentation for viewing:

Information Integrity in the Cloud presentation

Recorded video for viewing:

Information Integrity in the Cloud recording

We look forward to continuing conversation and please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting for further discussions or solutions demonstration.

Published by Fastman February 23, 2022