Jul 05, 2021 Fastman

DocuSign and Fastman – Secure eSignatures in United Arab Emirates


Learn how DocuSign and Fastman can digitize your agreement process with eSignatures so you can be ready for the anywhere economy.

Save the Date: Tuesday July 13th @ 11AM GST

Agreements are an important part of every business, and they are everywhere. Whether you are looking to hire an employee, sign off on a deliverable, or approve a purchase, streamlining these agreements is critical. DocuSign and Fastman have partnered to bring you electronic signatures and digital signatures in the cloud or on-premises for United Arab Emirates .With DocuSign, you can automate and accelerate your agreement process with eSignatures so you can be ready for the anywhere economy.

During this presentation, you will:

  • Hear from these speakers:
    • DocuSign’s Jean-Franco Pezzia, Major Account Executive, EMEA
    • Fastman’s Brian LaPointe, VP of Digital Signature Solutions
  • Learn about regional trends and popular use-cases for DocuSign
  • Understand the choice between eSignature in the Cloud or on-premise digital signature
  • Recognize data residency requirements with the DocuSign Signature Appliance (DSA) solution
  • Learn about how DocuSign can integrate with many of your content and business process systems including SAP Extended ECM,
  • OpenText Content Suite, Microsoft SharePoint and more
  • Discover how to get started today

If you are not already using DocuSign, Fastman is able to deliver the entire digital signature solution for your business. As a premium DocuSign partner, our team will design and implement your digital signing environment, then ensure that it is tightly integrated with your business process.


Published by Fastman July 5, 2021