Jul 14, 2021 Fastman

DocuSign and Fastman – Secure eSignatures in Saudi Arabia Recorded Session

Recorded session and presentation

Tuesday July 13th 2021

DocuSign and Fastman can digitize your agreement process with eSignatures so you can be ready for the anywhere economy.

Thank you for attending DocuSign and Fastman – Secure eSignatures in
Saudi Arabia.

We certainly appreciate you taking the time to attend and great questions for discussion regarding this product’s functionality, capabilities and high value solution .

To those whom were unable to attend, please be reassured, we have attached the following links to the presentation and video for viewing at your earliest convenience.

Presentation for viewing:
Secure eSignature for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Recorded video for viewing:
Recorded session for Saudi Arabia

We look forward to continuing conversation and please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange further discussions.

Published by Fastman July 14, 2021