Oct 04, 2022 Fastman

Challenges of mass updates to OpenText Extended ECM data in the cloud

For industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, energy and any others that are faced with the challenge of managing vast sets of documents and information, the movement or updating of metadata associated with such a large amount of information is a daunting prospect.

Those that have embarked on large-scale data migration to the cloud, perhaps as part of a digital transformation initiative, have found that the sheer logistics of moving so much data can be overwhelming. This is especially the case where, no matter how much digital space has been allocated, manpower is limited.

You only need a quick Google search to discover that many datasets are now in the Petabyte and Exabyte range, and more content is being added every day.

But for your organization to get the most out of the cloud, it needs to get everything into the cloud: and that can take a lot of time, effort, and manual supervision to make sure everything makes it from your on-site content silos to the other side.

Often, this isn’t a simple case of moving a few thousand files from one place to another. Data migration can spiral into a vast undertaking involving refactoring the way you structure data or categorize it. This implies the need for metadata modification, to make it compatible with your new model.

In most cases, to do an initial bulk upload to the OpenText Cloud or other hosted Extended ECM instances, you need to use the hosting company’s consultants and their own tools to upload your initial set of content before you can use it.

Bulk information management should be fast and easy so that anyone can do it successfully

As many companies go fully cloud-based, Fastman has based its product strategy on the belief that bulk information management should be fast and easy so that anyone can do it successfully. This capability should always be available for anyone who needs to make the changes, whether in the cloud or on-premises

For this reason, we are introducing Bulk Data Manager CE (BDM). An update to our simple yet powerful data management solution for Content Suite and xECM users. It saves valuable time and eliminates the error-prone manual process associated with content uploads and metadata changes. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that lets even new users make mass updates confidently and quickly.

BDM is designed to be flexible as well as scalable, in order to grow with your organization’s changing needs. It is capable of handling job batches from just a few documents to enterprise-scale information management, and its flexible architecture means it’s suitable for organizations whose teams still need to work from home.

Not only that, but it’s reliable and safe. With real-time validity checks taking place during data entry and manipulation of data only performed by trusted APIs BDM ensures that any changes made to your repository are audited in full and the safety of your database is secure.

If you use the on-premises version of Content Suite, the BDM module can be installed on your server to help you speed through operations. However, when you use Bulk Data Manager Cloud Edition, this is no longer required - it simply works out of the box. And the best thing is that for end-users nothing changes, the intuitive desktop client remains consistent meaning no additional training is required.

As BDM allows bulk changes to be made to your information without the need to write code, you no longer need to worry about making updates to content as your business and processes evolve. And with the ability the schedule larger update processes after hours, you can make the most of your manpower as well as your digital power.

If it sounds like Fastman has the ideal solution to your bulk data management concerns, get in touch with us today to regain full, fast and simple control over your information.

Published by Fastman October 4, 2022