Jul 02, 2018 Fastman

Bulk Data Manager 5.5 Upgrade

Bulk Data Manager, the leading information migration and data management solutions for OpenText Content Suite was recently updated to version 5.5.

If you aren’t already familiar with Bulk Data Manager, it enables OpenText Content Suite administrators and power-users to load, manage, and intelligently update large volumes of documents and related meta-data quickly and accurately.

Using Bulk Data Manager you can point-and-click to select groups of content that you wish to upload from your local or network file system. Once chosen, Bulk Data Manager enables you to select and attach category, attribute and records management data. The data load itself can either be scheduled for some time in the future, or documents can be uploaded at the current time. Of course, once your data is into Content Suite you might want to make changes. With Bulk Data Manager you can also create placeholder documents, update attributes, add new versions and more.

In general, Bulk Data Manager eases the overall migration processes, reducing your IT overheads, and ensuring that data consistency and integrity is maintained. Its power is in its simplicity!

The latest release of Bulk Data Manager enhances support for more complex Content Suite migration and meta-data update scenarios. By introducing support for multi-value attributes, pre-validating source content access rights, and providing the ability to filter content based on file type or size, Bulk Data Manager 5.5 provides you with a one-stop solution for all content import and update needs.

If you are already using Bulk Data Manager we’d love to hear more about how you use and and what you want to see in future releases. We monitor our social channels continually, so please share you thoughts with us on LinkedIn or Twitter, we’d love to know what you’d like to see next.

Published by Fastman July 2, 2018