Mar 28, 2022 Fastman

5 simple recommendations to ensure the security of your Extended ECM information

So many organizations are ruined by insecure data. Without confidence in your data, you can’t make secure decisions and run into confusion at every step of your operation. If you want to streamline your operations and increase productivity, it all begins with information security. The catch? It can seem difficult to do it yourself! We found that solid information security all comes down to five essential recommendations that we’ve made to our clients countless times for their success.
Let’s get into it.

The importance of information security

Information security is about process and control - running parallel with cyber security instead of within the same scope. Where cyber security focuses on the network and prevention of infrastructure-based attacks, information security is the prevention of data-specific risks.

Companies that use enterprise content management (ECM) platforms rely on information security measures like permissions management. Without the implementation of basic security measures, companies run the risk of losing their reputation, competitive advantage and opening their company up for easy attacks.

Information security is essential, especially in the digital age, because data can make or break a company if it ends up in the wrong hands. Beyond this, it is imperative to ensure that the right people are working with the right data to maintain structure and better production value - but also so that important data doesn’t get lost.

Many organizations struggle to get these elements to work in tandem when in reality, it can be quite simple to ensure your data integrity. Below, we’ll outline five ways you can ensure data integrity for your own ECM platform- whether it be OpenText, SAP or something else.

The Extended ECM information security guide

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Published by Fastman March 28, 2022