Fastman Management Suite

Enterprise Information Management is not about technology, it’s about solving the complex challenges associated with the vast amounts of information that modern business creates and turning them into new opportunities.

These can be found in the information itself, the people that create and use that information, and the processes that are used by those people.

Every organization faces its own unique set of challenges. Requirements such as maintaining effective records and ensuring that stakeholders have access to the correct information when they need it are fundamental. More specific requirements such as industry specific compliance standards and processes have a narrower audience, but efficient organizations understand that standardized practices provide benefits at many levels.

With Fastman Management Suite it is now possible to leverage industry best practice and technical knowledge to develop and deliver solutions to common business issues. We deliver repeatable high-value solutions using leading global products, delivering measurable benefit quickly, minimising cost to deliver, and reducing time to handover.


What’s inside the Fastman Suite?



The most recognised and complete permissions management solution for Content Suite and Extended ECM including SAP Extended ECM by OpenText.

  • View access rights and make changes directly from the function menu
  • Reduce deployment and operational costs
  • Reduce risk, and ensure stronger compliance to policy and legislation



Digitally sign within Content Suite and Extended ECM by using the DocuSign Agreement Cloud and DocuSign Signature Appliance.

  • The only off-the-shelf solution to your signing needs
  • Simply select and “sign” any document within the repository
  • DocuSign electronic signatures within Content Suite



The most flexible data migration and transformation solution for your content between Content Suite instances, into the cloud, or into SAP Extended ECM.

  • Simple user interface that requires minimal to no technical expertise
  • Simplify the volume updates of documents and metadata
  • Optimize your business processes and reduce administrative overheads



The most effective solution for Content Suite and Extended ECM that allows you to manage exactly what functions your users can and cannot perform.

  • Fast to deploy
  • Robust and cost-effective
  • Assure licence compliance and data integrity
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