Readily extract data from your OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM Platforms.

  • Move a wide variety of contents in a few clicks at no effort
  • Avoid potential losses caused by process bottlenecks
  • Free your team from repetitive and error-prone manual tasks
  • Enable fast data sharing with other systems
  • Simple installation requires no server-side components, run securely from a PC

Move a wide variety of contents

Content migrations are typically a highly manual and time-consuming operation. Fastman Extract Tool enables you to move a wide variety of content, metadata and taxonomy information between your OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM Platforms in just a few clicks.

Save time and effort
Avoid costly process bottlenecks

Save potential losses

In order to ensure a procedure is compliant with internal and regulatory standards, it is common for each step of a manual operation to require accurate documentation and approval. By automating highly manually intensive steps, Extract Tool avoids process bottlenecks and saves potential losses caused by delays in processing data.

Stay focused and do more

The manual migration of content typically involves multiple members of your team in order to execute and double-check that the work has been done correctly. By freeing them from the execution of repetitive and tedious tasks, Extract Tool allows your team to focus on other important activities.

Better use of your team's time
Enable faster data sharing with other systems

Quickly and accurately export information

Extract Tool enables you to quickly and accurately export information from your Content Suite or Extended ECM platform ready to share with other parties. Extracts can include specific versions and metadata published into an XML format ready to be consumed elsewhere. Jobs can be run as a one-time operation or as part of a regular business process.