Fastman Data Transformation Hub is the most flexible solution for the efficient import and bulk updating, and restructuring of content and metadata within SAP Extended ECM.

  • Automate your routine record management activities, e.g., bulk import and update of documents, metadata and record details
  • Eliminate tedious and error-prone manual process
  • Increase your productivity and accuracy while importing, moving, and processing documents


Avoid costly errors in handling bulk uploads

Import and update hierarchies of contents, attributes, and records management data at the click of a button. Smart logic allows real-time validity checks to ensure data integrity is maintained throughout both migration and business-as-usual scenarios.

Powerful bulk migration and data management capabilities
Reducing the cost and complexity of migrations

One tool, a multitude of opportunities

Enable users to move documents to new folders, adding / updating categories and attributes, file name changes, permission changes, and clean-up empty folders.

Managed Move

Managed Move governs the business process used to carry out the move and ensures enhanced quality control. The steps in the process can be configured to meet specific business requirements.

Ensure enhanced quality control
Easily used across your business

Compliance-focused migrations

Fastman Data Transformation Hub prevents costly mistakes due to manual handling of record migrations and data breaches. All migrations and changes to the repository are fully audited. It can only be used by users with designated permissions.

Save time and eliminate the error-prone manual process

Complete operations such as data migration or move content from one or more locations in your Content Suite to another with either existing or updated metadata and permissions, with less effort and eliminating error-prone manual processes.

Data migration / move content

Want access to Data Transformation Hub?

If you’d like to use Data Transformation Hub to import and bulk updating, and restructuring of content and metadata within SAP Extended ECM, Fastman is able to deliver and deploy the entire solution for your business quickly and effortlessly – tedious and error-prone manual process will be a thing of the past.
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