Streamline your digital approval and signature processes

A simple solution for OpenText Content Suite / SAP Extended ECM electronic signature execution and document processing

Traditional approval processes are slow, inaccurate and lack auditability


  • Frustrated about relying on printed documents and long-winded paper trails for signatures
  • Worried about the security of signing documents and processes
  • Concerned about not being able to control who can sign which documents
  • Annoyed by the effort and risk of human error while processing

Control and execute signatures and approval processes directly from Content Suite and Extended ECM

Digital Signatures

The smartest and most complete solution for seamless integration between Content Suite / Extended ECM and DocuSign that supports both cloud and on-premise solutions to streamline your business processes.

Digital signatures experts

We have seen and worked with numerous global organisations that are having problems managing their signature and approval processes in a cost-effective manner, which is why we are a premium DocuSign partner, the world’s most widely used digital signature platform.

With Fastman Digital Signatures and Permissions Manager, businesses can streamline their supply chain to get more product out faster to market than before.

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It's time to trust your information…

1. Arrange a meeting

We will review your processes for fast and fully controlled signatures and approval processes experience.


2. Take action

Design and implement your digital signing environment, ensuring that it is tightly integrated with your business processes.


3. Streamlined approvals

With processes and tools in place you can ensure signature execution and end to end document processing.

End-to-end digital signature solutions using DocuSign

Many Content Suite / SAP Extended ECM users suffer from long-winded paper trails that result in slow signing and approval processes as well as human errors.

At Fastman, we deliver end-to-end digital signature solutions using DocuSign transforming your business with optimised and auditable signature and approval processes.