Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Consulting

Our information management consultants drive higher value from your Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms.


By not understanding the true potential of your Content Suite or Extended ECM platform you are leaving extensive business cost and time savings uncovered.

Our EIM consultants enable you to achieve the extensive benefits that can be obtained by fully utilizing the capabilities of your OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms.

Our team of EIM consultants will help get to the core of any problem or requirement and avoid often expensive and time-consuming dead ends. We take on board the situation, work through your problem, collaborate on options, and maximise your chances of success.

This collaborative, systematic approach is at the core of Fastman’s consulting services.


Align OpenText’s software to your business needs


Uncover the potential of your EIM investment


Reduce IT budget for Content Suite projects

Architect the right solution


Our team deliver resilient and performant Content Suite architectures, optimise and automate business processes, and design intuitive business applications within your OpenText platform.

The right architecture and processes will save costs, enable you to make informed business and technical decisions, and deliver a significantly better return on your OpenText EIM investment.

For further information on Fastman’s EIM consulting and services engagements, contact us today.