Import and bulk update files and metadata within OpenText Content Suite or SAP Extended ECM

Fastman gives you data management capabilities that will save you time, cost and eliminate the error-prone manual process.

Manual processes put your organisation at high risk of costly errors


  • Concerned you’re not able to eliminate unnecessary cost and overhead due to numerous migration scripts required
  • Annoyed to be unable of automate long and drawn-out data management activities
  • Frustrated you can’t assure the integrity of the database due to the risk and tedium of manual work
  • Worried that users are not in control of their business operations
  • Concerned that you’re not able to ensure team collaboration and monitoring

Designed with productivity in mind

Fastman Bulk Data Manager’s simple user interface requires minimal to no technical expertise. It reduces the cost and complexity of migrations, allowing business users and project teams to define and execute Content Suite / Extended ECM migrations without the need for complex scripts.

Reducing the cost and complexity of migrations
Powerful bulk migration and data management capabilities

Easy-to-use data migration and update tools

Using Bulk Data Manager, organisations can readily import collections of documents, update and manage metadata and records management information attached to existing documents, and export sets of content for archival or sharing with third-parties.

Minimal impact on your Content Suite users

Bulk Data Manager enables authorised individuals to define and execute migration and data management activities. Jobs can be run in real-time or batched together and run at a time that minimises impact on your Content Suite / Extended ECM users.

Easily used across your business
Case study

Case Study: Alliander

Alliander needed help updating content meta-data and improving their permissions model within OpenText Content Suite. The Fastman Management Suite came to the rescue.
Content Suite transmittals and submittals

Easily collect and share your files

Bulk Data Manager enables the collection and sharing of files through transmittals and submittals. Received files can be quickly imported, placeholder stubs created to identify missing content, and batches of content can be readily exported ready for sharing with business partners and third-parties.

Data integrity maintained throughout

With real-time validity checks taking place during data entry and only trusted APIs used to manipulate data, Bulk Data Manager ensures that any changes made to your repository are fully audited and the integrity of your database is maintained.

Easily used across your business
Designed to be flexible and scalable

Simplify the import, export and update of files

Whether you’re working with a limited set of files or an entire network drive, Bulk Data Manager simplifies the import, export and update of Content Suite / Extended ECM files. Job batches can range from a few documents to enterprise scale, and its flexible architecture enables use within distributed organizations.

It's time to trust your information…


1. Arrange a meeting

We will highlight potential document and metadata management activities that can be automated.


2. Take control

We will give you data management capabilities that will save you time and eliminate the error-prone manual process.


3. Generate value

With processes and tools in place you can ensure the flexibility and reliability you can trust for your data management needs.