Take control of your security – the most effective way to ensure licence compliance and data security with OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms.

  • Allow individual activities defined within your corporate licence arrangement
  • Audit attempted out-of-licence activities
  • Optimise full-user and read-only license usage
  • Fortify document and content suite security
  • Minimize administrative overheads

No more penalties and fines from OpenText

Fastman Access Manager stops users from acting out of their licence bounds, preventing expensive penalties and fines from OpenText. With Fastman Access Manager, you’ll never have to worry about OpenText audits anymore.

Ensure read-only licence compliance
Customise and optimise your licence usage

Manage exactly what functions your users can perform

It’s your data, it’s your choice. By using a simple administration interface, Fastman Access Manager allows your system admins to manage exactly what functions your users can and can not perform. This list can be readily tailored and customised to enforce strict belt and braces compliance, or can be lifted for individuals.

Optimise full-user license usage

With Fastman Access Manager, you can audit all functions used by any read-only user and quickly uncover which users most frequently attempt to perform prohibited actions. With this information you can add or move existing licences, optimising full-user licences.

Manage your internal access with audits
Built by Fastman

Off-the-shelf, operational within an hour

As an easy to configure Content Suite module, Fastman Access Manager requires no professional services or supplementary development effort. It is fast to deploy, more robust and more cost-effective than any alternative option.

Want access to Access Manager?

If you’d like to use Access Manager to optimise your security reduces the risk of penalties from your ECM, Fastman is able to deliver and deploy the entire solution for your business quickly and effortlessly – licence offences and fines will be a thing of the past.
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