Fastman designs and delivers high-value business and technical solutions that radically change the way organizations use OpenText Content Server. By tuning the core platform and aligning it with individual business needs, Fastman increases user adoption, reduces the risk of improperly configured deployments and maximizes the return on your investment.

Content Server tuned for your business

Whether a musical instrument, a radio, or a car, tuning is essential for best performance and Content Server is no different. We tune and extend your ECM platform guiding you to the heights of what is possible with your investment.

Driving value from your ECM investment

Whether ECM, BPM, or RM; technology is an essential enabler of EIM transformation. Our platform agnostic approach sets you quickly on the right path, and ensures that you maximize your software and infrastructure investments.

Supporting your Content Server environment

An amazing experience goes deeper than just the user interface. Our EIM operations team will ensure that your EIM platform is designed, configured, operated and maintained to ensure peak performance throughout its years of service.


Our industry knowledge and best practice experience enables us to develop and deliver eloquent solutions to your complex information management problems. Through our support of the leading EIM platforms we deliver measurable results that help improve your business processes, enhance user experience, and increase the value of your EIM investment.

Our EIM Services

Our experienced EIM professional services team offer a range of services to help you through the planning and designing your system architecture, initial implementation, daily operation, system upgrades and end-user training.

The Fastman Management Suite

The Fastman Management Suite is driven by demand for repeatable solutions to common EIM problems. Our suite of products, developed exclusively for OpenText Content Server, enables you simplify data management, improve operational efficiency and implement better governance around your unstructured data.