Permissions Manager vs Permissions Explorer FAQ

How does Permissions Manager compare to the new Permissions functionality in Content Suite 16 (EP6)?

Permissions and access management is a common issue for OpenText Content Suite users. We hear often that Content Suite customers are not able to readily visualize and comprehend their permissions structures and that bulk changes to permissions is an administrative headache. With OpenText pushing such a strong compliance related message, content security is essential and at the moment there is a significant risk that this cannot be achieved with the core platform.

OpenText has now appreciated that this is a very real issue and with the next Content Suite extension pack (EP6) they will be introducing additional permissions management capabilities into the core product. Called Permissions Explorer, the new capability improves out-of-the-box functionality for viewing and applying changes to permissions on hierarchies of content. It does not however provide the depth of capabilities available within Permissions Manager, as detailed below.

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