The smartest and most complete solution for seamless integration between SAP Extended ECM and the world’s most widely used digital signature platform, DocuSign®.

  • Increase your productivity while handling approvals as required for business transactions within SAP Extended ECM
  • Take advantage of the concept of “one-single” source of document repository thanks to the Digital Signature Connector
  • Implement simple or multi-stage signing processes
  • Utilise on-premise or cloud-based signing, or both transparently and in parallel
  • Backed up by strong vendor partnerships and 10 years of development and use


Simple, yet secure

Import and update hierarchies of contents, attributes, and records management data at the click of a button. Smart logic allows real-time validity checks to ensure data integrity is maintained throughout both migration and business-as-usual scenarios.

Documents for signing
Documents for signing

Save costs, time, and cut back your carbon footprint

Eliminate the need for printed documents. Quickly and easily sign documents from anywhere.

Reduce errors and minimise training costs

Tight DocuSign integration eliminates errors, while intuitive user interface reduces training needs.

Documents for signing
Fastman Digital Signature Connector

Powerful and proven

Easily deployed, no custom coding required. Fastman Digital Signatures Connector is powered by and backed up by Fastman’s long term partnership with DocuSign.

Not already using DocuSign?

If you’re not already using DocuSign, Fastman is able to deliver the entire digital signatures solution for your business. As a premium DocuSign partner, our team will design and implement your digital signing environment, then ensure that it is tightly integrated with your SAP Extended ECM business processes.

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Want access to Digital Signature Connector?

If you’d like to use Digital Signature Connector for seamless integration between SAP Extended ECM and the world’s most widely used digital signature platform, DocuSign, Fastman is able to deliver and deploy the entire solution for your business quickly and effortlessly – errors and printed documents will be a thing of the past.
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